Monday, September 3, 2012

The Patio revamp Part 2

Well the patio is coming along nicely, we've had sand everywhere for the last few weeks. Its nearly done so Id thought Id show you the pictures.

There might be a sneaky guest appearance by Ryan in a few of my photos :)
I wish I had a "before" picture of the ceiling fan, it was old, white and very rusty. I love the way it turned out. I took it to pieces and sprayed all the metal parts with oil rubbed bronze spray paint. Then I sprayed the white fan blades, for a nice background color then I wrapped them with natural jute twine. (my glue gun was my best friend once again). I also used the twine on the shade to make it look a bit more modern.
I gave the old dark cushions a new brighter envelope cover
 ( I still have some buttons to add) and they lift the whole area.


and you gotta have a little bit o fun t00

All my old bits and bobs fit in nicely with the neutral colored pavers we decided on.

We definitely needed some pool storage, we found ours at but all the local diy stores have them.

The best part was putting everything back together, do you remember I said I gave my friends a task ??? They collected bottletops for me and its now my art at the Tiki Bar, What do ya think ?
I painted the backgrounds then arranged the bottletops, I had found some little circular mirrors which I added aswell.
Well nearly all done and dusted and ready for fun, fun, fun times...


  1. that is such a great patio space! i love the dining area- i want to come hang out there!

    1. You are welcome anytime Cassie ;) please hop over and visit me on facebook at Ditsy decor.... I havent worked out how to add a link on yet