Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Burlap/Hessian project

I love all the natural projects which are making the rounds at the moment.
I fancied trying one myself and decided on a window pelmet for my little kitchen diner.
A visit to my local fabric store was in order but they didnt have the color I wanted    :( 
Not phased by this I wandered into the fabric dye ailse.
In the past Ive dyed everything and anything you could think of using Dylon Dyes for the washing machine, but as im in a new country with new appliances I was a little scared.
After deciding against the washing machine ones I went with the Rit Teal color to do in a bucket. :)
This is how it went
I followed all the directions Step by step
I added the salt and water....the color looked great and I left it to steep for a little while

After taking it out and drying it off, I noticed it was a little patchy (note to self....dont leave it in the bucket when you go to collect the kids from school)
The pelmet project was now a non starter...what could I use it for now ?????
This is what I decided on
I have enough fabric for maybe a couple more...Ill see how it goes.


  1. Love the color of the burlap! Good idea! Did you stamp the words on the fabric?

  2. Hi Cheri,
    I love the color too. I used a Dylon fabric pen and a stencil to do the lettering.