Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Big Old Brown Dresser/Console

Well ...theres a Habitat for Humanity moved in next to my local post office, it would be rude not to pop in for a look so thats what I did.
I was looking for an old mirror or frame but this one piece caught my eye. I even queried the price as I thought it may have had the wrong sticker on, but no... it was right, so it had to be mine.
I borrowed a tape measure and measured the space in the car.
It fit with inches to spare.
Not thinking how I would get it out of the car once I got home, it was loaded into the trunk by two big burly men.
My thought was that this would be my first piece I would redo and resell.
My lovely neighbors helped me unload it from the car...
its heavy !!!

It had definitely seen better days and looked like a cat had maybe used it as a scratcher. It was also missing a handle from a drawer
( I was hoping it would be hiding in a drawer, but no such luck )

After a little light sanding, I gave it a good priming, I wasnt sure whether it needed it but did it just to be on the safe side.

The hardware all came off and I swithered whether to paint them or clean them up.
After giving the feet a good sanding I used some wood filler to reshape them back to how they were (before the cat got them)
A couple of coats of paint later and its starting to look good.
I decided to spray the handles black, thats when it started looking like it belonged in our house.

Im always a little cautious about distressing but I just went for it, and I love it.

The question now is can I bear to part with it ???
This was my first project ever and the start of my new addiction.

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