Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The kids bathroom

We moved in our new home in Florida nearly 4 years ago...but it was very different to what we had before in lots of different ways.
This is where all my new projects are evolving.
This is what the kids bathroom looked like when we moved in



 Our house is full of varnished wood and although its nice Ive been desperate to paint some somewhere.
The kids bathroom was an ideal tester area to practice on.
I also did my first dumpster dive and collected some trim from my friends skip (which im sure she was mortified about haha). The mirror had no frame so after filling holes, sanding and painting it my hubby helped construct a frame for the mirror.

We installed it together.... you can see the technical stuff we used like my daughters purple duck tape to hold it in place while it was drying. 

 I think it looks great, much better than before. I gave it a satin coat of poly just for a bit protection and that was it....
All stuff I already had so it never cost a penny....even better

There also was a small matching laminate splashback which I tiled, a messy project but not hard and didnt cost much either.

So here we go, I removed the handles and started to sand the cabinets, I did really like the look of them when the varnish was removed and wondered if painting them was the right decision.

Unfortunately, it was too hot and humid outside to paint so I had to keep them in the bathroom.

Next came the primer, then the paint.

Choosing the color of the paint took 3 attempts, the first was too light and didnt contrast enough with the counter....the second was too dark...yuk
but third time lucky, I was looking for something neutral and decided on a color called Tea Stained from
I also gave them a few coats of poly to protect them.

Inside here will be a completely different project altogether haha

Well this is how they turned out, its so bright in their bathroom sometimes its hard to get a good photo.

So this is the before and after....the new tiled splashback, mirror and painted cabinets (and now tidy countertops)

Hope you like it, we have since redone the countertops and Ive refinished the cabinets again in Annie Sloan Old Ochre and Dark wax, I will post pics soon. 

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