Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mams little English garden

Id like to take you on a little trip around my mammys little piece of paradise...her garden.
The garden is in the north east of England, UK which is where Im from.
I posted a little pic on my facebook page Ditsy Decor last week and it says it it is again.
I remember moving into this house when it was brand new.....a long time ago I might add, and the garden being nothing but a muddy mess.
This is how it looks now
 WOW look at all these colors....the british weather is obviously good for something

 I know shes often out in her wellies, and It must be where my love of the garden comes from...and maybe from my nana  aswell who is always in the garden planting something.

The secret garden entrance ??

Lovely, little bits and bobs hidden around the garden


This used to hang on a bedroom wall


  The birds love to come and visit, and you can see why.
 and lastly a little sneak peak at what this little corner looks like through the british seasons



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  1. awww I love this little blog, it shows how lovely mams garden is and all the hard work she puts in. You tend to take it for granted when you see it often :) xx