Friday, August 17, 2012

The patio area re-vamp Part One

The patio area is our familys favorite place to hang out.
grubby areas
 This is it before we started, not too bad I admit, The problem was we spent most of the the relaxing time trying to make the place look spick and span so we decided to try something new.
 Sometimes after hours of cleaning and brushing it still didnt look clean. We also had broken and falling off tiling inside the pool which we knew either had to be repaired or replaced.....
What to do ?, the cost of re-tiling was above our budget but we decided if we were going to do it, we might as well do it properly (even if it meant not eating for weeks)

The old tiles were removed and the old coping was all cut away. It was a dirty dusty mess. The choosing of the tile and the pavers was the hardest part. Too many colors and shapes to choose from...what would it look like ? too light, too dark, I wanted it neutral but warm (not that we need it any warmer as we live in Florida) but you know what I mean. The salesperson at was exellent, she showed us displays and gave us ideas.
The tiles were a different matter. In the end I swapped the tiles 3 times !!! My husband was totally demented by this time but we decided the third choice was the one.

In blew Tropical storm Debbie which meant all work stopped and we needed to wait for a break in the weather. Thankfully no damage was caused by the storm and the work continued soon after. The drains were widened to deal with the Florida rains and we were on our way.

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