Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy "Holly" Days

In December I started hunting for a new storage solution for my 12 year old daughter as she was taking over the bathroom she shares with her brother.
Hairslides, hairbands, flowers, nailpolish, need I go on.....

I came across this old desk, it was sitting in a corner of a thrift store getting a little more attention than Id  have liked. I had to make a quick decision and decided it would do the job perfectly.
The gentleman who was sitting at it at the time was not amused when he was told it was sold, but you have gotta be quick.
It was really heavy and just fit and no more into the back of my car.
As I was going to do it as a surprise I had to try and hide my project ( which wasnt easy)
I started with the handles they took a good few coats before i could give them a coat of poly.

Next I started on the drawers.

I sprayed the insides and the top Glossy pink.
 I wasnt sure whether to sand them so I did one drawer front  as an experiment....not good, the paint wasnt adhering so I decided to prime them all and not sand them.

It took a few coats even after the primer to get a nice crisp white finish. I used a semi gloss and thought it would be bump was obvious after a few days in use this wasnt going to be the case, so I have decided to give it a few coats of clear poly for durability.

I also picked up this dented old mirror, afterall this is for a young ladies room. I primed and painted it white aswell.


As you can see all of Hollys  junk treasured possessions are now in place and she loves it.


  1. I want it! What a fabulous and personal pressie Lucky Holly x

  2. Hi Dawn, its Jane from Captive in Florida Fabrics. I have desk just like that! I really need to paint it now that i saw how beautiful yours turned out.

  3. Thank you Jane we love the way turned out, can't wait to see yours when you get around to it ;)

  4. How pretty is this? I love the colors you chose ... the hot pink pulls are fabulous! I know your daughter must be loving it!

    1. Thanks Becca, I loved making the changes, Its so bright and cheery everytime you walk in the room now :)